Although he hasn't entered the presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden is polling better than most declared candidates.

Despite the measurable gains that have been made, there's clearly still a racial divide in the recovery New Orleans residents have experienced in the 10 years since Katrina.

Earlier this year, President Obama said that democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton would make a great president but that did not mean a full endorsement…

Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign went from a hypothetical to a legit possibility over the last few months. Now, you can argue it’s likely, thanks to what Barack…

Vice President Joe Biden performs better than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in hypothetical general-election match-ups.

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Friends, family and loved ones will gather early Friday afternoon to pay their last respects to South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney. Pinckney, one of…

"We came back because my family and I wanted to show solidarity with the families and with the church," said VP Joe Biden.