If you’re like me, you wonder how you can keep the ice from melting in your cooler so quickly.  Well, I tried a hack that prevented my ice cubes from turning into water within hours.  Next time, before you pour ice into your cooler, line it with aluminum foil.  Yep, it does the trick!  Your […]

ICE seems to be stepping up its enforcement game, purportedly first going after “criminals”—or those caught up in the nation’s notoriously unjust criminal justice system. They are starting to arrest defendants at criminal courts.

  Cyber Monday has become one of the biggest shopping days online. Now, more than 100 fake retail websites have been seized on a Cyber…

Via: CharlotteObserver.com Sleet and snow have left roadways across the Charlotte metro region treacherous Saturday morning, and little improvement in highway conditions is expected for the rest of the day. Heavy sleet moved across the Charlotte area before daybreak, falling on top of several inches of snow that fell hours earlier north and west of […]

Via: CharlotteObserver.com Road crews and utility companies are hurrying preparations Friday afternoon in advance of an approaching winter storm that threatens to bring heavy snow, dangerous sleet and possibly an ice storm to the Charlotte metro region. Winter storm warnings are posted for most of the area, from this evening until Saturday evening. Precipitation is […]