Cornell Belcher

Democrats are dissecting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election after one of the biggest political upsets in history.

  11/7/16- Roland Martin talks to Cornell Belcher, the President of Brilliant Strategies, about the latest in polling and the election. Belcher’s new book A Black Man In The White House is available today. “In order to beat Hillary you have to get above her. She’s going into election day in a better position. Florida and […]

  10/10/16- Roland Martin talks to CEO and Pollster of Brilliant Corners Research, Cornell Belcher about the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. “I think the tape that came out sort of reinforces who Trump is, especially to women voters. It reinforces him being sexist. Was he contrite about anything he said…I don’t think […]

While Clinton is spending money trying to flip White Conservative women, Dems may be missing a unique opportunity with African American voters.

  9/12/16- Roland Martin talks to pollster and President of brilliant corners Research and Strategies, Cornell Belcher about the current state of the polls, campaign numbers, money and more. “When younger volunteers are a lager part of the electorate than seniors, Democrats tend to do well,” Belcher said. Click the link above to hear the entire […]

High turnout among African-American voters was especially crucial in the 2008 and 2012 elections for Democrats, but according to a new article on The, Democrats appear to be taking those same voters for granted. In 2012, 29 percent of all eligible voters were people of color. That number is now around 31 percent. Priorities USA, the […]

06/13/16 – Roland Martin talks to Cornell Belcher, President of Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies; pollster, about how the Democrats are not spending money to draw in black voters and how that is going to hurt us in November. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. (Photo credit: Harvard Institute of Politics Youtube)

  Roland Martin asks Brilliant Corner‘s Presdient Cornell Belcher if Black Lives Matter has more of an influence on African-Americans than traditional civil rights organizations based on…

While it may be evident that the movement is the largest Black liberation movement in recent history, some still ask if Black Lives Matter the new voice for the unheard?

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss President Barack Obama's final State of the Union address, why Republicans are unwilling to act on voting rights legislation, and issues with minority voters.

Cornell Belcher discusses polling data showing that 72 percent of Black parents favor charter schools.