celebrity tattoos

Amber Rose tattooed Wiz Khalifa’s name on her thumb. The couple now has matching tattoos as he did the same thing for her earlier this year. See his ink here: Wiz Khalifa Gets Amber Rose Tattoo [PHOTO] His tattoo reads “Amb” and her tattoo is abbreviated as well, reading “Cam,” which is short for Wiz’s […]

You know how the song goes, “tat-tat-tatted up, tat-tat-tatted up,” when I was younger I really used to like that song. However, as I age and mature with each pressing day, I can’t help but think about the coonery that is with our black celebs and their hideous body art. I mean you have rappers […]

Wiz Khalifa recently paid yet another trip to the tattoo parlor, this time getting his girlfriend Amber Rose‘s name inked on his thumb.  Apparently Yeezy taught Amber well.

Snoop Dogg paid the ultimate homage to Nate Dogg by tatting the late great  “hookmaster” on his forearm. The impressive ink says “All Dogs Go To Heaven” underneath a detailed picture of Nate. A memorial trust has been set up for expenses of services and the financial security of Nate’s children. Click here, for more information. […]

Yung LA has finally come to his senses and realized that a tattoo of a duck on his face wasn’t exactly a good idea and is having it covered up… Or was he pressured into getting it covered?

Eva Longoria wants her tattoos removed, now that she and husband Tony Parker are getting divorced. According to Celestrellas, Longoria is “desperately” seeking professional help for the laser removal of her two tattoos which commemorate their relationship. After learning of his infidelity, Longoria is hoping to rid herself of the ink on the back of […]

Dania Ramirez hosted a pool party in Vegas over the weekend where she showed off her new tattoo on her forearm.

Rihanna’s new neck tattoo is translated WRONG! Rihanna says it’s right! Read more here!

UPDATE: Here’s what Rihanna’s tattoo says! Rihanna got a tattoo with Matt Kemp in NYC earlier this week and we finally get to see what it is!