Rumors have it that Carmelo Anthony has been allegedly cheating on LaLa, once again. This time with a chick from Philly, Miyah J. The internet was quick to pull out the is not looking too good in the Anthony household. Miyah J is rising as an upcoming actress and is also Lee Daniels’s […]

La La opens up about juggling her successful career, motherhood and what's on the horizon for the 'Power' starlet.

If you caught Power this weekend, there was a particular sex scene that probably left you clutching your pearls. La La’s character LaKeisha got it on with Tommy and people can’t stop talking about her breasts. They’re pretty amaze. La La visited ‘The Breakfast Club’ and opened up about the steamy scene and how fans […]

La La Anthony has revealed that she’s not making any plans to divorce Carmelo Anthony…for now. When news that Carmelo had cheated on La La came out, the public thought it would surely be the end of their marriage for sure. Although, they are no longer living under the same roof, the pair seem to […]

La La Anthony hasn't missed a beat amid rumors Carmelo stepped out on their marriage.

The entertainment world is shocked at the announcement that NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony & wife La La Anthony have split up. Many are wondering why would a couple such as the Anthony’s separate. Well, I did some digging and here’s what I came up with. Follow KYS On Twitter: Phil Jackson: [Blows weed smoke] You know […]

OH NO!!! Another one bites the dust!!! Carmelo and LaLa Anthony have separated according to TMZ. The site reports that the couple are living separately and LaLa moved out of their home and into her own in NYC last week. It has been said that the couple has had their ups and downs especially this […]


Angelina and Brad called it quits, but we've still got some great celebrity couples to admire.

The New York Knick has admitted he may never win an NBA championship, which makes him appreciate the Olympics so much more, and Jim Boeheim, who coached Melo during his time at Syracuse University, doesn't think he'll ever win a ring either.

We’re celebrating black families. Take a look inside at some of our favorite celebrity families!