Jill Scott busted into the music industry with a huge first release Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 in 2000 right in the midst of the neo-soul movement.  Scott grew up in a single parent household in Philadelphia and was known for her poetic talent and writing abilities gaining her the nickname […]

Affectionately known as “The Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin is a music industry icon.

Toni Braxton started her career in the 80’s as a member of The Braxtons, a family group that was composed of her and her sisters. She broke out on her own in 1993 with her self-titled debut studio album, which reached number one on Billboard 200. The project that included “Another Sad Love Song” and […]

FunkFest 2017 kicked off with local act girl group Volume 4. The 3 of them minus one member opened up to Midday diva Olympia and Sunshine Anderson about how they became a group, who’s the bossiest and their new single “Body Work.” Take a look at the interview:

Senator Kamala Harris has rolled out a lit playlist to celebrate African-American Music Month, and you need to hear it. When she’s not working to make this nation a better place (and causing Jeff Session to shake in his boots), Kamala loves to listen to music. She decided to share some of her favorite jams […]

On this episode of Girl Talk, She’s The DJ, DJ T.O. blesses us with her presence. The only female DJ on our sister station, 92.7 The Block spits her wisdom as we continue to celebrate Black Music Month and celebrate the women who are heavy influences in the industry.  We talk about her influences in […]

It’s Black Music Month and we’re celebrating women in the industry from On-Air Personalities, Program Directors, DJs and so much more!! We’re celebrating the women of Radio One Charlotte with a new web series called “Girl Talk with J. Belle,” I’m usually behind the scenes working on all of our social media content but I […]

Ella Fitzgerald Jazz Artist Newport News, Virginia Affectionately known as the “First Lady of Song” or the “Queen of Jazz” Ella Fitzgerald remains one of the most popular jazz musicians of all time. Her melodic vocals, revered for their precision and simple beauty opened doors for her at a time when “separate but equal” was […]

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Who’s our latest one-hit wonder? We’re heading back to the early 2000s yet again to catch up on the singer that shamelessly taught us all how to “hit ‘em up style.” Here’s the latest on Blu Cantrell. Then Blu is most well-known for her debut single, Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!), from the album So […]

Radio One jocks shares why they love black music in recognition of Black History Month.

As the month of June winds down our Radio One Charlotte jocks share why they love black music in recognition of Black Music Month.