Donald Trump running for president is a never-ending series of conflicts.

Donald Trump decided to take a Facebook picture in celebration of Cinco De Mayo but people weren't buying it.

Despite his latest victory in the South Carolina primary, presidential hopeful Donald Trump doesn’t have much to offer African-Americans and the storyline gets worse: White…

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has taken a few hits recently when it comes to diversity outreach, but the candidate has a supporter in CNN's Michaela Pereira, who came to her defense after a Donald Trump supporter claimed she was using her gender to get ahead in the polls.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump captured most of the headlines following the first GOP debate... for all the wrong reasons.

Radio One

We’ve seen the impact that a group of #BlackLivesMatter activists had on Netroots Nation during the presidential forum a few weeks ago. Now that 10 GOP presidential…

Bill Clinton seems to think that GOP candidates are more than just alright in their bid for the 2016 nomination.