There’s a new “Cheers” in town, or at least the new TBS sitcom “Sullivan and Son” hopes so. The brand new comedy has already drawn comparisons to the classic 80’s show, “Cheers,” the bar where everyone knew your name, which boosted the careers of Kirstie Alley, Kelsey Grammer and Woody Harrelson.  But comparisons end […]

For a short time following the Civil War, African-Americans in the state of Virginia were granted the right to run for office and vote for delegates under the new reconstruction law. Freed slaves in Hampton lined up from sun-up to sundown at the polls to vote. In 1867, 92 percent of eligible freed blacks voted […]

I’d like to make sure that my daughter doesn’t accumulate the same amount debt from attending college when she gets older that many people in my family have. Should I be investing in a 529 on her behalf? Erika – Chicago, Illinois In layman’s terms, 529 plans are simply investment accounts where your money can […] Guy thanks his parents for raising him the way that they did. A lot of the lessons they taught him stick with him to this day. For example, his dad always said “put things back where you found them.” Clearly a lot of people never got that lesson. Like shopping carts, please put them […] Mike Epps is a newly married man and you can hear the joy in his voice. “I’m doing good,” he tells the TJMS Crew, “I got a beautiful wife” he continues. He and his wife have been traveling and enjoying each other’s company, “I feel like the Lord sent her to me,”  he beamed. He’s […]