Civil Rights & Social Justice

Kelly's display of unconscionable anti-Black / pro-white hate gaslighting began with the ridiculous argument that Trump can't be judged by a "jury of his peers" because he has no peers because he was the president. The post Newsmax Host Compares Conviction Of Donald Trump To Lynching Of Emmett Till. Yes, You Read That Right appeared first on NewsOne.

Explore the impact of Juneteenth and the legacy of slavery. Discover the powerful imagery and documents that bring this history to life. The post Juneteenth: The Civil War Was A Black Revolution appeared first on NewsOne.

Today's white conservatives pretend to want wide American unity when what they really want is simply unity in pushing forward an anti-Black, anti-human agenda. The post 192 House Republicans Voted To Restore A Confederate Monument Depicting White Soldiers And Black ‘Mammies’ appeared first on NewsOne.

It's likely that the overwhelming majority of plaintiffs are Black and Latino boys and men. The number of Black and Latino boys who are being detained has increased even as the overall number of incarcerated juveniles has decreased in the U.S. and particularly in NYC. The post More Than 250 Former Juvenile Detainees Sue NYC After They Were Allegedly Sexually Abused By Staff appeared first on NewsOne.

Imagine looking the only survivors of one of the worst and most notorious race massacres in America’s history right in the eye and telling them they aren’t owed anything for what they suffered. Imagine saying that to Black people who are seeking reparations, not as the descendants of the people who suffered, but as the sufferers themselves. The post SMH: Reparations Lawsuit Filed By Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors Dismissed By Oklahoma Supreme Court appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The Rev. James Lawson Jr. has died.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Bob Woodson defended the claims that Black families were better off under Jim Crow. The post Byron Donalds Was ‘Right’ About Jim Crow And The Black Family, Civil Rights Activist Bob Woodson Says appeared first on NewsOne.

The Karens are telling us straight out that their ultimate goal is to Make American Jim Crow Again. The post The Latest Karen Is Toilet Karen And She’s Telling Us She’s Here to Make America Jim Crow Again appeared first on NewsOne.

New Jersey State Trooper Jason Dare was fired after his Nazi tattoos and affiliations were discovered during an internal investigation. The post N.J. Trooper Fired After Nazi-Affiliated ‘Blood Honor’ Tattoos Were Discovered Following Unrelated Investigation appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

To stop the violence and the discrimination, it is critical that people who don’t identify as members of the Queer community, stand in alliance with those who do. It is a moral imperative, perhaps especially for we who have been so harmed for no reason other than the skin into which we were born The post 10 Ways to Support Your LGBTQIA+ Family and Friends appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

As NewsOne embarks on a partnership with Dream Defenders, we're privileged to spotlight Marjua Estevez, the group's public relations manager. The post Dream Defenders: Marjua Estevez Is Prioritizing First Amendment Rights For Black Journalists appeared first on NewsOne.

We celebrate the life and legacy of the iconic civil rights leader. The post Happy Birthday Malcolm X! appeared first on NewsOne.