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A current study is evaluating whether companies should offer four-day work weeks for their employees.

It’s been a little while since we last received a stimulus check. Now, with the national average of gas being over $4, there may be a new stimulus check coming in the near future. Introduced by Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., the Gas Rebate Act, would provide a $100 monthly energy rebate per person for the […]

If you’ve been making sure to pay your monthly rent on time, it could boost your credit. All major credit bureaus announced they’ll allow rent payments to count toward credit and loans. Experts say factoring in rent payments could have a positive impact in as little as 10 days. Currently, this can only be done […]

The transition of SunTrust and BB&T to Truist caused major problems for southeast customers. Customers reported having issues using their new debit cards. The Truist merger took place on Feb. 19. Customers were told to activate their new cards on Feb. 21. For some customers, they found that they could still not use their cards […]

It’s another Monday Matters Monday!  I know some of you just received your W-2 and you’re headed over to the tax office. That’s great, however, this year when you get your refund check, don’t go to the mall and blow it. Instead, put it in a savings account…at a bank that’s across town…that you don’t […]

If you have any high-interest consumer debt such as credit cards, now might be a good time to start paying it off. Due to current inflation, interest rates are expected to rise this year. The federal funds rate set by the central bank influences the prime interest rate. The prime interest rate is what lenders […]

I know free money sounds too good to be true, but this is not a scam! North Carolina has millions of unclaimed cash and some of it could be yours. Each year, the law requires that money be turned over to the state when a business or other entity cannot locate the person it belongs […]