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It’s that Time Of The Year … Homecoming !!! I Was Talking To Some Of My Old College Buddies About Our Homecoming And Most Men Agree That Takeing Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Homecoming Is A Bad Idea. What You Think ?

Get ready for a Mooootown Weekend Baaaaby. You asked for it now lets get your favorite 60’s 70’s 80’s & 90’s Requests. Marvin, Rick, Tina, the list goes on. Send your requests and shouts to staceyblackman@rocketmail.com and be on the look out for our exclusive Motown Throwback Weekend

Charlotte has a major hip hop concert in town this week featuring 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne & TI. The majority of the audience will be 18 & under. Do you think the artist & promoters should tone down the lyrics on these type of events?

Funkfest hits the Queen City next month with a star studded line up to include Charlie Wilson, BBD, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam plus Hip hop icon Rakim. If you could produce your own personal concert what 3 headliner performers would you include? You can also include past/deceased artists as well.

It seems like finding live music in the city is becoming a thing of the past.When it comes to planning a night out on the town. Which do you prefer? Live jazz band or your favorite DJ.

Will The Recent Boston Marathon Bombing Affect Your Vacation Plans This Year?