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Happy Hump Day and Visual Eye Candy Mid-Week Stimulation, otherwise known as “He Can Get It” Wednesday!

This week’s featured sexy model is Elliot Taylor. This twenty-year old cutie was born in San Diego, California. But, since he was a young boy, he’s moved back and forth from Texas. His current home is in Spring Valley, California. This is where he spent most of his high school and right before he started college.

Elliot will be a student at the University of Arizona in December where he will run track. He plans to study Kinesiology. He also works part-time for Hollister Inc.

Elliot is actually new to the modeling game. He’s only been doing it for about five months. “I always had the idea of doing modeling,” Elliot said. “But, never really wanted to pursue it until I found the website Model Mayhem. There, I met a couple of people who felt I had great potential. From then, I just ran with it and it has worked pretty well.”

“He Can Get It” Wednesday: Aric

I asked Elliot what he looks for in a woman and he responded, “The main attribute I look for in a woman is her personality. Without that who are you? I like a woman who knows how to have fun. She is smart, and is honest, along with a sense of humor. And, she is ambitious. Also, a woman that has her own style, the thing that makes her different from everyone else. I guess I can throw in a woman that can get a little crazy sometimes in good and bad ways. We all need that tension, and if you don’t then no judgment.”

In his downtime, Elliot says he is either training for track, or hanging out with the boys at some kind of event. “I mean of course I play my Play Station every now and then, but it’s not excessive. Sorry ladies. My down time is really random. I mean I can end up doing something from dirt bike riding to going to Six Flags, or golfing, or simply going out to enjoy the sites. It varies depending on what kind of trouble my boys want to get into. And, if I decide to join them or go on my own to explore where my thoughts take me.”

Well, ladies, you can follow and keep with Elliot on Facebook, HERE!

Enjoy the photos.