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For years, so many times, White women are abducted and the news and media stop and focus all of their attention on the missing White woman in hopes of bringing her home. We hear public cries from her family and friends etc… It has been long thought that that same attention and care is not given to women of color who are missing. The Reverend Al Sharpton wants to do something about it.

Sharpton vowed to file a federal inquiry into the death of Miltrice Richardon, a missing 25 year old woman whose remains were found recently. She had been allowed to leave a sheriff’s station nearly a year ago against the wishes of her parents who stated that they pleaded with the Sheriff to hold her until they were able to pick her up due to Richardson’s mental illness. The Sheriff Department however, allowed Richardon to leave believing that they had no legal obligation to hold her. Since her disappearance Richardson’s life has become a mystery as well as there has been little to no attention placed on her by the media.

Richardson is added to the long list of ethnic women who go missing in this country and the media and public at large do not take notice. Contrary to when a White woman is missing and the media attention she receives. It all goes back to the long standing belief of society that White women are somehow more valuable than ethnic women. In efforts of preventing this pattern from continuing. The National Action Network will send a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to ask for an official inquiry,” Sharpton told The “The incident must be raised to a review of what the process was compared to others in the area. It could be a test case of what’s going on around the country, where missing African Americans are not considered a priority for law enforcement or the media.”