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For the past two years, women have post their stamp of pop music, inspiring new developments in fashion, trends and musical venture, while the men of pop have fizzled and foamed out of plain sight.

Here are the women of pop who have taken the helm: They kept us on our feet cutting up the dance floor, singing in the shower and jacking their swagger at the same time!

Lady Gaga

Why her: She’s the premiere iGeneration bad girl

Moxie/Juice/Swagger: Easily identifiable, she’s recently set the record for a celebrity with the most fans, reaching 10 million fans on Facebook, surpassing President Barack Obama, who has 9.5 million fans and strong.

Fashion/Flair: Lady Gaga is a fashion icon. Whether she dons a pair of half-smoked lit cigarette designer shades, diamond lobster headdresses, faux polar bear hide jackets, Metropolis-inspired cyborg leotards or whether she’s wearing an AR-15 assault rifle barrel conical bra, she’s got unparalleled flair.

Talent: She can belt it on the fly, rock out like Elton John on the piano and shimmy like no one else. She also gets bragging rights on writing some provocative electro bubblegum pop tunes that are destined for Top 10 Shangri-la.

Acumen/Cross-over: No one has had an easier transition than this pop star that has street-cred than most rappers.

Sensuality/Sex Appeal: Her penchant for avoiding jeans and sneakers, opting for skyscraper-elevated heels and plush dresses, make her a force to be reckoned with. Her complete ambivalence of going outside in year 3000 trends or shooting a video in the buff make her one to watch.


Why her: She mixes music video vixen burlesque with a ravenous dancehall queen cool.

Moxie/Juice/Swagger: This Bajan ice princess confidently shed her teen pop image and introduced a cynical, been-there-done-that sexy lady. Her collab efforts with T.I., Eminem, Kanye and Jay-Z make testify that the change did her some good.

Fashion/Flair/Distinctive Look: The debutante of darkness is known for her unparalleled fierceness. Whether she’s wearing leather studded laser-cut thigh-high ass-kicker metallic python boots, Aeon Flux-inspired black latex body suits, vibrant Reiss Lino ruffle dresses, geometric print leggings or leather tutus, Rihanna shines. Maybe that’s why she’s called Little Miss Sunshine! She’s also influenced women worldwide with her eccentric bob and bouffant hair styles, feathered or razor sharp sleek. And she’s a beast with accessories, taking wacky jewelry finds and turning them into in-demand limited edition retail chain products.

Talent: While her co-writing credits are questionable (Rated R records the most songs she’s been credited; her summer hit “Disturbia” was penned by Chris Brown and the follow-up Rehab was written by “Justin Timberlake”), and her voice is critiqued as sounding like an fembot with icy monotone, Rihanna still puts on a show!

Acumen/Cross-over: Light Bajan accent aside, this almost-extraterrestrial beauty has a fan base that exceeds age with her lush island rhythms and punked-out synthpop New Wave.

Sensuality/Sex Appeal: Her green-hazel eyes and her hot mamasita Bettie Page silhouette.


Why her: After a painful divorce from hip-hop icon and baby-daddy Nas, she returned to music and is bringing the boys back to the yard because her “Milkshake” is still the cream of the crop.

Moxie/Juice/Swagger: This dance diva dropped The Neptunes on her latest effort Flesh Tone, the critically-acclaimed epitaph produced by Black Eye Peas front man Will.I.Am and French DJ megaman David Guetta. ‘Nuff said.

Fashion/Flair/Distinctive Look: In her latest reincarnation, she’s mixed forward-thinking automaton craze with primeval indigenous prettification and classic Grace Jones bravado.

Talent: In an age where zero talent and a good production team matters, Kelis writes, sings and raps her own material.

Acumen/Cross-over: Her riveting pitter-patter cat on the prowl “Milkshake” made us all hit the dancefloor, her synth-funk “Acapella” made her a celebrated gay diva and she was tapped on the shoulder Benny Benassi’s techno-bop “Space Ship.”

Sensuality/Sex Appeal: Oh, the power of suggestion!

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