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Mother at home with baby working on laptop, holding smartphone

Source: Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty

Parents struggling to pay for childcare in Mecklenburg County could find relief soon.

The county is investing $10.5 million to expand North Carolina’s childcare subsidy. Over 700 children between the ages of newborn and 12 will be served through the program. 

The expansion of the program took effect last week. Families that previously did not qualify due to too much income may now be eligible. 

The program could benefit many families considering childcare is expensive for parents of all income levels. 

“Childcare can be as expensive as university, and some people have multiple children,” said Karen Jones, the Executive Director of Nana’s Place Learning Center in Charlotte.

The state’s childcare subsidy program now expands to households earning up to $65,880 per year for a family of three. It also reduces the work and education-hour requirements.

Those interested in the program can reach out to Child Care Resources by calling 704-348-2181 or visiting their website.

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