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Natrice Bullard, is the owner of eye/27 photography and specializes in portrait and documentary photography. The Miami-bred artist is self-taught and has been shooting since the tender age of 17. Her soft spot for music, especially independent music, has created striking portraits for many of the south’s up and coming artists. With her unique eye, she has shot some of the music industry’s best producers, writers and musicians, as well as top entertainers such as Trey Songz, Steve Harvey and Ledisi to name a few.

Natrice is also a graphic designer, having designed for magazines, newspapers and even designing her very own website. The images she creates have graced the CD covers of the artist who love her work. You can check out Natrice’s photography at

Brandi: It has been said that music has the power to connect, erase boundaries and heal the soul. What is your relationship with music? How does it make you feel?

Natrice: I absolutely love music and I always have. It makes me think. It makes me dance. It has the ability to take my mind places. As a photographer, it’s such a great tool to help me conceptualize. When I’m in in bad moods, music takes me out of them. I love listening to lyrics. I love melodies and bass lines. I just like to sit back and feel music. I wish I could have been a singer but I sound awful. I settle for singing in the shower.

Brandi: What’s your all-time favorite song or the song that brings back the most memories for you?

Natrice: One song is “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson. That song is so perfect to me. The melody and instrumentation speak before you even hear his voice. It’s so calming and beautiful and there are so many layers to the song. I listen to it almost everyday. R&B from the early 90s brings back the most memories for me though. Makes me wanna wear combat boots and Cross Colours again.

Brandi: What’s your favorite musical era? Why?

Natrice: I have 2 eras I really love. The first era is the 70s because it had some of the best love songs. I love anything by the Bee Gees, The Isley Brothers, Switch, Labelle, Al Green, The Jacksons, Earth Wind and Fire etc. I love soul music. My second is the golden era of musicals. I love show tunes from movies like The Wiz, Cabaret, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, A Star is Born etc. I like how over-the-top show tunes can be. I like to see people randomly break out into song for no reason.

Brandi: What’s on your iPod?

Natrice: My playlist consists of a whole lot of Michael Jackson. I have songs that Michael probably didn’t even remember recording. Evanescence, Alanis Morisette, Jodeci, Outkast, Erykah Badu, Dave Hollister, Playa, Chris Brown (yea I still like Chris Brown) Frank Sinatra, Kelis, Labelle, a good bit of Gospel and more Michael Jackson.