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As a community, us Black people are known for being able to turn lemons into lemonade. It’s kind of our thing. It’s what sets us from the pack.

Think about it. Our ancestors were unwillingly forced into America hundreds of years ago under inhumane conditions by the hands of slave owners — and we still manage to excel and be victorious over anything we encounter.

That’s why when news broke on Thursday about the possibility of a World War III with Iran under Donald Trump, we all shook our heads as a collective. And it wouldn’t be breaking news if Black Twitter didn’t let some jokes fly.


But we’ve been alchemist of our fates since the beginning of time. There’s a photo making its rounds now on social media of two young, Black brothers from the last World War letting Hitler know that they want all the smoke.

Black folks have totally spearheaded every popular trend in this country since it was built. Social media just makes it easier for our talents, fashions and jokes to be seen by the masses.

To some, making jokes out of things like a possible World War is childish and insensitive.

Be a coping mechanism as it may, but as our Grandmothers use to say, “You gotta laugh to keep from crying.”

Hit the flip for more WWIII hilarity.

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