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It’s not a secret that Jada Pinkett Smith feels a way about the Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me—and at a recent press event for Girls Tripthe actress broke down in tears talking about it.

While in Atlanta promoting her new comedy co-starring Queen Latifah and Regina Hallshe was asked about the film’s portrayal of her relationship with the iconic rapper. In tears, she said that it “wasn’t true” to the close bond that they shared.

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“I wanted people to know that what you’re seeing in regards to my relationship with Tupac is not true, and that was important to me because my relationship was really special and, um, it was very complicated and, um, I just felt like it was a huge disservice.”

The 45-year-old mother also stressed that she believed the producers exploited their relationship “to sell” tickets.

“I thought it was just handled in a very disrespectful way, and I felt like it was exploitative of me and Pac, how they used our relationship to sell a movie, and I just felt like it was tomb-raiding in regards to Pac,” she said.

“If you’re really saying that you’re honoring a man’s legacy, then honor his legacy, and if you don’t have the story, fall back until you do,” Pinkett Smith added.

Most importantly, she expressed that had they shown their relationship correctly, the world would have seen the type of person“ he truly was, because it’s one thing to see Pac’s persona publicly and who he was personally.”

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In the end, she had these harsh words for the film’s creative team: “If you really feel like you did right by Pac, then congratulations. But if you didn’t, really sit with that. ‘Cause I hope next time, if you get another opportunity to make another movie about a legend, you’ll do a different thing.”


As we previously reported, last month Pinkett Smith took to social saying that her connection to Pac was “too precious to [her] for the scenes…to stand as truth.”

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