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Comedian Tom Arnold is most known for his stint with Roseanne on TV and in real life, but these days he jokes more about the trials and tribulations of being a father.

Arnold is one of those non-offensive comedians who pokes fun at himself and keeps you laughing throughout the night. He performs tonight and Saturday at the Comedy Zone.

But, don’t let Arnold fool you. He has plenty to say about this year’s crazy election which he compares to a WWE match. Just look at his Twitter feed.

“I bet Donald Trump wishes he would’ve gotten the ratings for ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ that he’s getting now,” Arnold said. “I’m ready for it to be over.”

Arnold isn’t the only one. After three debates, countless attack ads and low-brow behavior from presidential candidates, America is ready to move on.

Arnold knows that which is why he sticks to dad jokes and material gleamed from everyday life.

“I’m an old dad,” said Arnold, 57, father of a 10-months-old and three-year-old. “It’s not their fault they have an old dad. I’ve got to keep up with these young dads. If they do it, I’ve got to do it. It’s exhausting.”

“Right now, I’m trying to figure out games that I can play with my three-year-old that I can ay down while doing,” he said.

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It’s not happening. Arnold said he’s on the trampoline and climbing rock walls. He’s all banged up and loves it.

“What’s great about comedy is you get an introduction for about 30 seconds. They say these fantastic things about you,” he said. “It makes you look amazing. Then I spend the next 75 minutes destroying that making fun of myself.”

Arnold said he likes performing in Charlotte.

“I’m glad I’m coming to Charlotte. It’s a great city. I always have fun there,” he said.