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Congratulations to our guy Colin Kaepernick, who got his starting job back for the San Francisco 49ers. ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news earlier today that Kaepernick will be starting quarterback this week against the Buffalo Bills.

Kaepernick caused quite the controversy when he decided he would boycott the National Anthem by refusing to stand until the country started to address the police killings of unarmed Black men.

Last week, I sat down with Ben Affleck to talk about his new movie The Accountant, which follows a mathematics savant with an affinity for numbers and killing people.

The day before our interview, Ben had just released a funny promo spot with Matt Damon and Tom Brady about who is a better friend to T-Bone, Ben’s nickname for the Patriots QB. Because he’s socially conscious, I asked Ben if he has any ideas about how Brady could help support Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter protest?

Ben replied, “I think that’s a very important thing to be cognizant of and I’m not sure what his relationship is to how he feels about social consciousness and what he wants to contribute. Obviously, it’s a really pressing and important issue in this country.

Tom will handle it how Tom does and we each have our own individual ways of trying to address it, but I know it’s something that he’s mindful of,” he continued.

The Accountant hits theaters on Friday, October 14.

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