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Roland Martin challenged Fox News host Bill O’Reilly to “put up or shut up” and create 100,000 jobs for Black youth during Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

O’Reilly alleged during a recent interview with Donald Trump that many African-American youth are ill-educated, have tattoos on their foreheads, and are not qualified to be employed.

Martin said, “Since you’re so concerned about Black people and you’re so concerned about Black youth, I want you to launch the Bill O’Reilly Black Youth Summer Jobs Program.”

Martin continued, “I want you, Bill O’Reilly, to challenge your audience to create 100,000 summer jobs for Black youth across the country.” He added, “I want you to call Marc Morial, the CEO of the National Urban League” to discuss the group’s established Summer Internship Program.

Martin then said, “If Black youth don’t show up, if they don’t come there ready, I will shine your shoes in front of the Fox News building. So if Black youth don’t shine, I’ll shine your shoes, and I’ve never shined the shoes of any other man but my own.”

“I’m willing to bet on Black youth. I’m willing to bet they’re ready,” said Martin. He later added, “I know thousands of Black youth with nothing stamped on their foreheads, they have no tattoos, they’re ready to work, but America does not have any opportunity for them.”

“Bill, if you so-called cared about Black youth, put your money where your mouth is — put up or shut up,” said Martin.

Watch Roland Martin’s challenge to Bill O’Reilly in the video clip above.

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Bill O’Reilly Says Black Youth Are “Ill-Educated & Have Tattoos On Their Heads”

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