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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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We ended last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta with Tiarra stepping into Chris’ birthday party. Tiarra didn’t realize that Karlie Redd invited her to set up some drama, and that’s exactly what they got. Initially, Tiarra thought they were all about to ki ki as friends, but Tommie immediately started going in. It started after Tiarra told them about her “several” jobs. Tommie used that as her opportunity to ask her when she ever gets a chance to be a mother, then she dropped the bomb that she’s dealing with Scrapp too, and they started throwing hands. Meanwhile Karlie Redd and Dime were cracking up on the sidelines like the cranky old men from The Muppets. [Insert Jamaican accent here] pahty dun, and the moral of the story is, wear panties if you’re going to fight while filming a reality TV show.

Later on, Tiarra stopped by Scrapp’s studio session and grilled him about what the heck he has going on with Tommie. Does it really matter how this convo went? No, because he’s a creep and she ended up beating him with her purse until security separated them. Tiarra threatened to never let him see his son again until he breaks up with Tommie.

Meanwhile, this is Tommie’s mugshot game:


In other words, bish crazy and none of this will go well.

Meanwhile, Mimi dropped another bomb. She’s actually not in a lesbian relationship. Chris identifies as male. Chris said he won’t be doing hormone therapy, but he’s “basically a boy trapped in a woman’s body.” Ariane seemed confused by this and grilled Chris about how it’s possible. But like…why is Ariane struggling with his given her own membership to the Rainbow Coalition?



Then again, Ariane probably wants Mimi for herself. As far as we know, they never messed around, but it’s not a far-fetched theory. Just saying. Stay tuned for next season when Chris will most likely be out of the picture and Mimi needs a new storyline.

This next point about the episode isn’t really that major just yet, but it will be at some point. This is something that will surely to come back to bite Scrappy in the butt later. Basically, he started a modeling agency. I’ll just leave that there and walk away because you know how messy this will probably get.



Moving forward to a breast cancer charity event–we meet the two new characters, producer D. Smith, who is the first transgender female on the franchise, and Betty Idol, who is working with Scrappy musically. In the cab on the way to the event, it becomes obvious that Betty Idol is reaching really hard for her two minutes on the show as a troublemaker. Nothing popped off at the event, though (major surprise). We didn’t even get to see the women interact with the other ladies.

Back to Scrappy’s modeling agency, Grustle Girls…

He had a launch party/model call. This wasn’t so much about the models or the business venture as it was about Scrappy getting Joc’s assistant’s phone number, and Kirk coming through to find out what the heck happened at Pressed with Momma Dee. Scrappy explained that he didn’t send Momma Dee to do his dirty work. Momma Dee claimed she did what she did to protect Scrappy and then surprisingly removed herself from the conversation so that they could talk. Scrappy explained to Kirk that he felt some type of way that Kirk and Rasheeda didn’t show up to testify for him in the child support case. Kirk explained that the reason they didn’t show up is because they went to LA so that Rasheeda could shoot Rosewood, and that he told Scrappy ahead of time that they might not be able to make it (Scrappy is short bus status, though, so maybe Kirk didn’t spell it out enough). The conversation went left when Kirk said they didn’t want to be there anyway because testifying on behalf of Scrappy puts them in an awkward spot with Erica since Rasheeda and Erica are friends. In the end it seemed like they managed to squash the tension, but we’ll see how this goes as the season progresses.

Later on D. Smith met up with Tammy Rivera and revealed that she’s transitioning from male to female. Tammy Rivera seemed cool with it, but D. Smith brought up some transphobic comments that Waka made during an interview. Tammy broke down where she felt Waka was coming from and it seemed to be an answer that satisfied D. Smith enough for the dust to settle. Tammy even wants D. Smith to model for her clothing line because she “likes her look.” D. Smith said she’ll think about it.

The episode rapped with D. Smith bringing Tammy and Betty Idol together to meet up and discuss work (D. Smith wanted Betty Idol to model clothes for Tammy too), Betty Idol basically immediately started in on Tammy and almost got faded. Security broke them up before it got too messy, but this beef is far from over.

Until next week!


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