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Money is powerful, and it can become a real beast in a relationship! Money can cause severe marriage or relationship problems – especially if you don’t have enough.

According to Dr Judy Kuriansky, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship, money is one of the top three sources of tension between couples. Sex and raising kids are the other two. In her book, Dr Judy lists “12 routes to derailing on the money track.”

Read to tackle your money issues with your partner? Here we go…

1. Anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions. If partners have different ideas on what a “reasonable” amount of money to spend on special occasions is, then this money issue could snowball into a marriage problem. Solving this money issue could involve finding ways to meet halfway. If you think $200 is reasonable for a birthday gift and he thinks $100 is, spend $150. Or, find non-monetary ways to celebrate special occasions – and learn how men and women view money differently.

2. Unemployment, layoffs, and pink slips. These financial issues that cause problems for couples because they also affect self-esteem, confidence levels, and emotional upsets (in addition to preventing you from achieving your financial goals). According to Dr Judy, solving this financial problem – and the resulting relationship difficulties – involves planning your expenses with regular discussions and adjusting your lifestyle.

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3. Promotions, financial windfalls, and salary increases. “Weathering windfalls can be just as much a source of stress as tumbling finances,” writes Dr Judy. “You’ll face practical discussions about what to do with the money.” Decide in advance how you’ll handle money matters and make financial decisions.

4. Children. Food, clothes, doctor’s bills, sports, entertainment, education, recreation – they’re all money issues that cause marriage problems and stop you from achieving your financial goals. Solving these money problems involves budgeting, teaching your kids how to earn they’re own money when they’re old enough, and having on-going discussions.

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