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Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

Born Again Virgin is back, and in this episode, we got an idea where Jenna gets her neurotic behavior from, it’s her mother.

Just when Jenna thought she was going to have a work free weekend, her crazy mom, Ms. Monica, came to town unannounced. It’s not that Jenna doesn’t love her mom, but her mom is extra naggy, crotchety, and annoying. Jenna was so flustered that she called her dad, and he told Jenna that if all else failed she could just stay with him, but other than that, she better be strong because he wasn’t about to get on the phone with the crazy lady (Jenna’s parents are divorced in case you couldn’t tell).

Meanwhile, Kelly and Tara escaped Ms. Monica by hanging out in Donavan’s apartment and helping him with one of his cases. Back at Jenna’s place, Ms. Monica finally took a break from delivering drama to inform Jenna that she was actually dying.

By now we’ve figured that this probably isn’t true since Ms. Monica is so extra, and we get the answers we’re looking for after Jenna meets up with her dad for some counsel. Actually, Ms. Monica is simply going through menopause but having a hard time with the change.

Jenna then confronted her mom about not actually dying, but Ms. Monica just doesn’t see it that way and starts rattling off all the symptoms she’s experiencing that remind her of losing her youth and vitality. In mom’s mind, she’s dying and there’s nothing anyone can do or say to make it better. Eventually, Jenna stopped trying to convince her mom that it’s not that bad and instead offered a supportive ear, and mom and daughter hugged it out both agreed to be more sympathetic to each other.


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