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It’s no secret there are racial disparities when it comes to unemployment in America. The Black unemployment rate has consistently been double the amount for Whites. A new study released by the Board of Labor statistics revealed that the gap is still prevalent regardless of education status. The jobless rate for Blacks with a college degree had been 4.1 percent over the past year, compared to 2.4 percent for White college graduates. The unemployment rate for people who only have a high school diploma was 4.6 percent for Whites and 9.6 percent for Blacks. Blacks without a high school diploma had a 16.6 percent jobless rate, while the rate for Whites was only 6.9 percent. “The broader significance of this disparity suggests a race penalty whereby blacks at each level of education have unemployment rates that are the same as or higher than less educated whites,” said Valerie Wilson, director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy. “Persistent disparities in unemployment are constant reminders of how race continues to have an undue influence on life in this country.” Read more.

New Web Series Aims to Change the Way Black Men Are Perceived in the Media

Black men are often painted in a negative light in the media industry and a new web series is looking to change that. The series, titled “The New Stereotype: The Reclaim,” was created to show positive examples of men of color and shape the way they are perceived in the media. The web-isodes, which are featured on Vimeo, were created by Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist, a Harlem-based assistant buyer for a luxury fashion brand. Turner-Gilchrist enlisted his friends and other people via social media who work in a range of different career fields to be featured in the project. Turner-Gilchrist said that he wanted to “show the diversity and strength of black males.” … “In order to truly create a ‘stereotype’ there must be frequency and consistency… For now, the idea is to continue to spread the imagery and message and investigate ways to elevate the project,” he said. Read more.

ABC Family Announces Cast for Nicki Minaj Comedy Series

Nicki Minaj’s upcoming scripted comedy series is moving forward. ABC Family, which will soon be named Freeform, has announced the cast. Young actress Ariana Neal, best known for her role in Fruitvale Station, will play Nicki Minaj. Selita Ebanks will play Nicki’s mother. Wesley Jonathan will play the role of Nicki’s father, and McCarrie McCausland will be her older brother. Whoopi Goldberg will reportedly be featured on the show as the family’s neighbor. Tim Story will direct the project and Kate Angelo will write the series. Minaj will serve as executive producer. “This is one of the more unique adventures I’ve ever embarked on,” said Minaj in a statement. “I couldn’t be more proud and excited to team up with an amazing group of people to give the world something really special.” The series will be centered on Minaj’s upbringing in Queens. Read more.

Baltimore Reaches Second-Highest Total Of Homicides In History 

The number of homicides over the weekend has pushed the total number of killings in Baltimore this year to 336, ushering the city into the second-highest total of homicides on record. This year marks the highest per-capita homicide rate in Baltimore history. “The only year with more homicide deaths was 1993, when there were 353 killings, but also about 100,000 more residents,” the Baltimore Sun writes. Read more.


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