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Several key elections across the nation on Tuesday set the stage for a trio of historic mayoral wins for Black candidates. Dr. Karen Weaver (pictured) of Flint. Mich., Paula Hicks-Hudson of Toledo, Ohio, and Ed Johnson of Fayetteville, Ga. all made history in their respective elections.

Dr. Weaver, a clinical psychologist and businesswoman, was an unlikely victor, as she is a political newbie. Still, she was able to defeat incumbent Dayne Walling running on a platform of transparency and exposing the outgoing mayor’s political mishaps regarding the city’s water supply. The 56-year-old Michigan State University graduate is the first woman elected in Flint’s history. The late Floyd J. McCree broke the city’s race barrier in the mayor’s seat back in 1966.

Little Known Black History Facts: Historic Black Mayoral Wins  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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