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Last Thursday, in the early morning following Police Chief Thomas Jackson‘s resignation announcement, two Ferguson cops were shot at during a celebration/protest gone violent outside the town’s police station. After being identified as the suspect, Jeffrey Williams’s lawyer Jerryl Christmas claims Williams was aiming at someone else when he accidentally shot the officer.

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Williams admitted to having a gun on him due to a prior dispute with someone else who was also near the protestors, not because he was acting on police retaliation. Christmas told to the Associated Press,”This wasn’t any type of ambush shooting. Those officers were shot accidentally.” His client claims he fired in self-defense.

Christmas also insists that his client suffered bruises on his back, shoulders and face, which includes a knot on his head after being manhandled by the arresting officers.

On air to FOX News, Ferguson pastor and bishop Derrick Robinson visited Williams in jail and recalls him saying “a protestor was trying to rob him” and Robinson introspectively stated he could’ve sought shelter within the activists if that was the case. The stories slightly alter from witnesses who were there and from Williams himself he also wanted on the record that he there to support the protestors.

Either way, the authorities aren’t buying his stories and the suspect is currently on a $300,000 bond. Watch the video above for live details.


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