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Trash Talk Trap #1: “I Look Fat!”

These three powerful words escape our lips more often than we would like to admit I know, however dissecting the “why” is key ladies. More times than not we utter these words based on an experience, not a true feeling. In fact studies show that many women who were overweight at one point in their life tend to still have a high level or body dissatisfaction even after losing weight. 

Fattitude Fix: Next time you catch yourself mouthing off about your muffin top literally trash the trash talk by writing the negative thought down and then immediately tossing it in the nearest garbage can. Eventually the mental will follow the physical in this case lady.

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Trash Talk Trap #2: “I Wish My Body Looked Like… (fill in random girl’s name here)”

Often times a girl power moment can instantly turn into a trash bash. For instance you and a friend head to the gym for a buddy workout however instead of motivating your sweaty sister you find yourself thinking, “Dang, I wish my arms were cut like hers.” Or, you head to a neighborhood BBQ and instead of socializing you end up criticizing everything about your body all because every other girl in attendance seems to be able to pull off this crop top trend better than you. 

Fattitude Fix: Next time you find yourself spiraling down the path of body envy remind yourself of the things that make you uniquely you (hint: these qualities expand beyond the physical). Being creative and crazy funny always trumps pulling off a crop top. 

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