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The drama between rapper Nelly and boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather is getting out of hand. Mayweather recently revealed that his ex-fiancee’ had an abortion carrying twins, after rumors started flying that Nelly who was a one time friend of Mayweather is now dating Jackson.

Now Nelly has decided to give his side of the story, via Instagram. Although Nelly may have been seen with Mayweather, he insist that the two were never actually friends.

He wrote in the photo caption: “I take being called a friend and being one serious and would never do anything to jeopardize that situation if indeed that’s what it is..”

In another photo Nelly wrote, “Who knew I had this kinda power….!!!!LMAO”

Nelly even had time to make a song about the whole issue.

Let’s see what Mayweather has to say about this.