After months in limbo rapper Nelly can finally rest easy, as the rape case against him has officially been dropped by prosecutors in the case. The details of the closure of the case were announced earlier this week when prosecutors could not secure a testimony from Nelly’s accuser. Back in October, Nelly was accused […]

The 21 year old woman who accused Nelly of raping her on his tour bus wants to drop the investigation according to her lawyer, Karen Koehler.   The young lady is on the edge of breaking and doesn’t believe that she can win against Nelly sources say.

The the 21-year-old college student says the system has failed her and she doesn't feel safe testifying against the celebrity rapper in open court.

The footage shows the "Hot In Herre" rapper singing sexy songs to young girls while playing with their hair and rubbing their face.

The love lives of celebrities can be facinating, as well as annoying.  Some stars trade one famous significant other for another and we can’t help but compare last week’s flavor to the current flavor and wonder is this an upgrade or a downgrade? You decide.

Lil Mama is falling in line like the many rappers with beef before her (insert Drake and Meek Mill) — by publicly dissing Nicki Minaj.

Nelly has openly admitted that he has a few problems with the IRS!  In August, they hit him with a $2.4 million federal tax lien.  Geesh!! The IRS has already seized some of Nelly’s property to payoff the debt.  So, hopefully he can get this resolved before they confiscate anything else!

Uh oh. According to TMZ, Nelly owes the IRS over $2 million in unpaid taxes. “He’s also got state tax trouble — earlier this year, the Missouri Department of Revenue said the St. Louis rapper owed $149,511 in unpaid state taxes from 2013,” TMZ reports. “He originally owed a mere $113,533 … but interest is a bitch.” […]

New polls suggest a strong lead in the key states for Hillary Clinton. A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that Clinton surges ahead of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia.

The couple tied the knot on Saturday with family and friends in California.