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Ever wondered what happened to “Freak Like Me” singer Adina Howard?

Well, Adina Howard called up the TT Torrez Show and she revealed what REALLY happened to her singing career, how she transitioned from a singer to a chef and if she plans on getting back into the music industry.

On why she left the music industry:

Adina said the reason she left the music industry is because she made a comment about music industry executive Sylvia Rhone and it got back to her. Once it did, Adina was “blackballed” in the industry. She said she signed with other labels and they wouldn’t do their part to make her successful, so she left.

Adina said she’s telling her story now because she felt God said it’s time to share with the world where she is in her journey. She said she’s a survivor that’s still standing and there’s always life after anything you do.

On if she plans on pursuing music:

Adina said she just released a new single which was encouraged by her husband so yes, she’s making a comeback. She said this time around she’s more involved, making wiser decisions, and not letting egos get in the way.

Does she plan on changing her sexy image?

Not at all. She said sexy is who she is and will never go anywhere. It will just be a mature sexy.

On if she was profiting from her hit singles released when she came out:

Adina admitted she was NOT making money from songs like “Freak Like Me” and “T-Shirt & Panties.” She said she has YET to see a royalty check for those songs because of the way her contract was set-up when she signed BUT she plans on fighting to get what’s rightfully hers.

Adina Howard Reveals What Happened To Her Singing Career [VIDEO]  was originally published on ipowerrichmond.com

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