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Single Parent Lessons: Don’t Be Afraid To Find An Understudy!

A very smart man once told me, raising a family is like putting on a Broadway Play. Everyone must play their role! Every actor, stage hand, curtain operator, and even the audience must play a role. So when someone steps out of character, it throws the entire production off. However, this is why Broadway hires “understudies”, because the SHOW MUST GO ON.

So what exactly is an understudy? They are substituting actors who have studied, practiced, and rehearsed every line and character movement for specific roles, mostly for the leading characters. At any given moment, they possess the skill to step in and deliver a quality performance that is of the same standard or even better than the main actor they are substituting for. A production may lose one of its main actors (mom or dad in a family unit) in several ways, but I will only make the comparison for a few of those situations:

A. Some type of illness (symbolizing a parent’s death in real life).

B. An actor may quit (a parent walks out on their family).

C. The Director has to fire an actor (divorce occurs or you have to kick the other parent to the curb for some reason).

No matter the case, it’s okay to move on with your life and find a suitable understudy (step-mom or step-dad) to complete your Broadway Play (raising your family). So the moral of the story is…as a single parent, don’t be afraid to find a suitable substitute to step in to help you raise your family, if that’s what you desire. Stop with the excuses of why you can’t move on and just do it. Because just like on Broadway…the show MUST GO ON in your own life too!

Love Ya,

Olympia D.