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Asked if he had any advice for disgraced former NFL players Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson, Vick was sympathetic.

“To guys like T.O. and Chad Johnson, you’ve gotta keep the faith in the situation that they’re facing. I know they both love the game of football and want to get back but I think the right opportunity or right situation presents itself, it will happen for them. But as of right now, I think their football careers are over with, so they have to find another niche. And that’s what we all face as time goes on and we spend X amount of years in the league. We start preparing for life after football. It’s a tough transition but you have to do it.”

With the NFL season in front of him and the continuing question of who’s going to be QB1, although Vick is running the majority of the plays at Eagles’ pre-season practice, Vick is not really thinking about the future yet. But after 12 seasons in the league taking the kind of shots he’s taken in the last two seasons and at age 33, ancient in football terms, it’s likely he’ll have to think about it soon.

“I feel like I’ve learned so much from so many coaches about the game of football, so I may coach some day,” Vick says. “I know the hours are extreme. Either that or broadcasting, but that’s down the road from now. I’m going to focus on what’s in front of me right now.”

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