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Political commentator Drew Johnson, who had been editing for the Chattanooga Times Free Press for less than a year, was fired from the paper, after telling President Barack Obama to take his jobs’ plan and “shove it” in a headline, according to WND.


During the President’s visit to the Tennessee town last week, Johnson decided to change a headline to “Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough,” causing the article to go viral and stir up controversy.

Shortly after, Johnson was fired.

In response to his firing, Johnson tweeted:

“I am the first person in the history of newspapers to be fired for writing a paper’s most-read article,” later tweeting that the policy he broke didn’t exist beforehand an was “applied retroactively.”

Watch news coverage of Johnson’s firing here:

On Thursday, the newspaper released a statement detailing the reason for Johnson’s firing:

Placing a headline on an editorial outside of normal editing procedures…It was not the original headline approved for publication, and Johnson violated the normal editing process when he changed the headline.

Free Press changed the headline of the article to the more generic “President Obama’s policies have harmed Chattanooga enough.

Still, WND reports that the remaining editors aren’t exactly welcoming President Obama with open arms.

According to the article, which addresses Obama’s visit to the city of Chattanooga to promote his jobs’ plan at the Amazon business center, “64 percent of Chattanooga respondents said they would rather you hadn’t chosen to visit our fair city,” though they later found a silver lining in his visit: “It will give you an opportunity to see the failure of your most comprehensive jobs plan to date, the disastrous stimulus scheme, up close and personal,” said the editorial.

In the meantime, Johnson will have to look for other places to vent.

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