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The 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a night for celebration on Saturday in Canton, Ohio as Warren Sapp, Cris Carter, Bill Parcells, Larry Allen, , Jonathan Ogden, Curley Culp and Dave Robinson were inducted.

Warren Sapp

When he wasn't fighting back tears during his speech, Warren Sapp was all smiles. (ESPN) 

In a very emotional speech, Warren Sapp proved that he’s a true mama’s boy. “I never played this game to get in the Hall of Fame. I played this game to retire my mother, because my mother worked so hard, and I wasn’t going to allow her or myself to be in that position again.” He also thanked his ex-wife with touching words

Cris Carter

Cris Carter gave an emotional speech on Saturday. (USATSI) 

Chris Carter gave a emotional speech closing with, “Buckeye born and bred, now an H-O-F-er, even after I’m dead.” Carter also aknowledged that taking money from an agent in college was the biggest regret of his athletic career.

Bill Parcells

Bill Parcells shakes hands with George Martin after the two unveil Parcells' bust. (ESPN) 

Bill Parcells known for great lines joked, “When they put my bust in the hall tomorrow, I’d like to be somewhere near Lawrence Taylor so I can keep an eye on that sucker,” Parcells said of his former linebacker who kept finding trouble off-the-field.


See all inductees here: Profootballhof.com

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