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73296_551733424851557_1634696251_nI live in the house with a child who is a work-out fanatic, partially because he see’s me doing it. I walked in the kitchen the other day and I see my son Cameron doing his own “Workout Insanity Video” but he was using the kitchen as the GYM!! Music Blasting and refrigerator open while he is doing pull-ups, after telling him to get down, he began doing push ups on the counter-top. At that moment, I said i have to catch this on Camera! I proceeded to take pictures of him, while he was going for it! A modern day young Billie Banks!

This was crazy to see my son, and his brother Jordan working out together, This was a priceless moment and I couldn’t help but to think this all was Inspired by Daddy and Michelle Obama “Get fit” program to tackle childhood obesity.

First Lady is challenging all of America to turn around a troubling trend in children’s health by putting an end to the epidemic of childhood obesity. This is her plan below:

“Let’s Move” has four pillars:

  • Offering parents the tools and information they need to make better decisions about their children’s nutrition. This will include everything from improving front-of-package food labeling to a partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics to encourage BMI tracking at well-child visits to public education partnerships with Disney and NBC.
  • Getting healthier foods in the schools. President Obama has proposed a $10 billion increase in funding when the Child Nutrition Act is reauthorized this year; that’s $1 billion a year over 10 years to improve the nutritional quality of schools’ meals and get more kids signed up for the program.
  • Improving the accessibility and affordability of healthy foods. We know that 23.5 million Americans live in “food deserts,” that don’t have access to supermarkets. We want to eliminate those. Cities like Philadelphia have done it, so we know it can be done.” “Let’s Move” includes a $400 million initiative focused on getting farmers’ markets and grocery stores to relocate to “food deserts.”
  • Physical activity — increasing opportunities for kids to play and move. The  President’s Physical Fitness Challenge is a key component of this effort, but it has to be modernized. It now stresses the importance of athleticism, but not every child is athletic. We just need them to move. We’ll use sports leagues and athletics to promote this, partnering with almost every sports league from the NFL and the NBA to the WNBA and women’s soccer.

Charlotte motivate your kids to Get Moving and Get fit!

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