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Matchmaker, Life Coach and Oprah Next Big Thing Paul Brunson is in Charlotte today giving advice on building your brand and relationships. Well it’s two different talks, but both will be highly entertaining.

Brunson kicked off his morning in Charlotte with the Charlotte Chamber’s MWBE Connect breakfast talking to about 40 people about how to build their brand. He speaks at the Chamber tonight in a talk called it’ Complicated. He’ll lead what will likely be a lively discussion about love and dating. Considering the number of single and miserable people (some single and some not) running around in Charlotte, his talk should be well received and attended.

During his breakfast, Brunson used everything from “N—– In Paris” to PowerPoint photos of flat booties to help his audience understand his eight steps to building a successful brand. Brunson used stories of his personal success and failure to highlight each step.

His eight steps are:

1) Be courageous

2) Fail fast, succeed faster

3) Over communicate by a factor of 10

4) Brand Alignment

5) Distribution

6) Work you’re a— off

7) Consistence In the Face of Adversity

8) Learn from your mistakes