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Two young men are suspected of carjacking an 87-year-old woman on Tuesday morning, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

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Johnnie Mae Ethridge (pictured), told Fox 2 that she is still “scared and shaken” from the traumatic experience. Ethridge was only two blocks from home to get her brakes fixed when two young men held her at gunpoint at a stoplight on the city’s west side.

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“The other fella was at the rear of the car and he had his gun.  I had a problem trying to get the seat belt loose,” Ethridge explained.  “Pushed me out of the car, [threw] my cane out and just hopped in the car with my purse and all my I. D. and took off.”

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James Barney witnessed the whole thing  incident:

“Two young kids that ran up to her car and with two guns and snatched her chain and told her to get out of her car, and I heard her screaming, so I started running,” he said.  “By the time I got there they took off, so I stayed with her, called the police for her.”

A good Samaritan in a time of need.  As for the carjackers, they didn’t get far.  At Oakman and Davison, the two gunmen abandoned the vehicle after jumping the curb, crashing and flattening a tire.  They tried to steal a second car, but ended up running from the scene.

Ethridge’s car was towed.  She got her cane back, but her husband’s gold chain, along with her purse, wallet and I.D. are gone.

“They just don’t have [any] respect for [anybody].  It’s terrible,” said Ethridge.

The carjackers, who Ethridge has describe to be in their late teens or early twenties, have not been caught. Anyone with information about the attack is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.


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