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It has been just a week and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s K.Michelle‘s mix tape – “0 F*ucks Given” – has been downloaded more than 25,000 times.While many would suggest that people downloaded the mixed tape because of K.Michelle’s role on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I would argue that it has more to do with her ability as a singer and songwriter. I would so so far as to say that K. Michelle is the Mary J. Blige of 2012.  The original songs on this mixed tape bring the raw passion and emotion that we got from Mary J’s “My Life” album in 1994.

Take a step back and think about it.  We fell in love with the “My Life” album because Mary J. was able to transform her pain into something with which women could relate.  When she sang we felt her pain.  We hurt with her.  We cried with her. We smiled with her.

When you listen to songs like “Bury My Heart,” “Can’t Raise A Man,” “When Crying Is Easy,” “Pillow,” “Don’t Say Sorry,” and “Adorn You” you are automatically engaged emotionally because she strips the facade and gives us all of her.  She is real.  She is honest.  She is transparent.  She is everything that we love about Mary … but she does it her own way.

You are aren’t among the 25,000 people who have downloaded K.Michelle’s mixed tape, you should seriously consider joining those of us who have downloaded it.  It’s a banger.  It’s full of raw emotion, the kind that makes stars out of truly talented people.

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