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VIA: Newsone.com

InTouch Magazine is reporting that the black super couple is getting a divorce! That’s right Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith are reportedly separating.  InTouch says they have the scoop from an inside source and will be releasing the information in an upcoming issue.

I don’t want to believe this news.  Will and Jada have for so long been the epitome of what a black marriage should be. They have always seemed to understand and respect each other.  I wonder if the materialization of their kids has anything to do with the ending of their marriage??? Or maybe Jada is tired of playing the backseat to Will??? Or maybe Jada is just as disinterested as we are in Will’s rap comeback??? Or could it be that the rumors of Jada and Marc Anthony are true???

Whatever the reason I am definitely interested in seeing how this turns out. I hope if they are splitting they don’t get the Fantasia Syndrome (lie before you tell the truth). If they do that, I will lose all respect for them.

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