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Chilli, one-third of hit trio TLC, joined a host of other celebs as a reality television show.  Chilli’s VH1 show “What Chilli Wants” aired Sunday night.  The first episode focused on “Chilli’s Checklist,” a list of things she needs in a man (or won’t tolerate).

Says Chilli, “After years of dating and disappointments I know exactly what I want in a man, and I call it Chilli’s check list.”

She proceeds to run down a few items on the list.  Chilli’s man can’t:

  • Smoke
  • Drink
  • Eat pork

He has to be super fine (um, maybe that wasn’t on the list when she dated Dallas Austin) and love God … just to name a few.

After watching the first episode, I has a new view on Ms. Chilli.  She’s different.  Now, I will say I agreew with the basic philosophy of having a checklist.  A woman has to have some standards, but some of the things she wants are outrageous – and even her friends know it.

Close friend Missy Elliott told her to date Jesus because  no man will meet her standards.

What do you think? Do you believe Chilli’s standards are too high?

What standards do you have for your potential mate?

Missed the first episode? Check it out below.

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