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County Commissioner Bill James is at it again. The racially-insensitive elected official is targeting African Americans.

This week the CDC reported that 48 percent of black women ages 14 to 49 have herpes simplex 2, the virus that causes the disease.  It is the most common STD in the U.S.

According to QcityMetro, James sent out an email blast labeling blacks as “promiscuous.”

“Higher levels of promiscuous behavior result in higher levels of out of wedlock births, more poverty and therefore higher welfare payments…,” he wrote.

James’ email drew a sharp rebuttal from Willie Ratchford, director of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee.

“Bill, this is exactly how racist bullcrap gets out by the likes of you,” Ratchford began his retort.

To read the exchange between James and Ratchford go to QcityMetro.

Ignoring James’ racist insinuations, the CDC report is troubling. The question is what are we as a community doing to address the growing problem of sexually transmitted diseases whether it’s herpes or HIV?