After Twitter meanly reacted to his new look, Gross challenged women to post photos of themselves without 'inhancements.'

On October 28th, a news story broke about a Kenyan woman who got more than what she bargained for when she purchased hair that harbored maggots…

The moment celebrity hairstylist Tonia B. set foot in Los Angeles (she hails from Wilmington, Delaware), her career seemed to blossom overnight. With her training as a stylist and natural ability as an image consultant, Tonia quickly became a fixture among the Hollywood sect and was soon fielding calls from celebrities like Meagan Good, Wendy […]

Celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright has mastered the art of cutting, coloring and styling the hair (and weaves) of everybody from supermodels Tyra Banks and Iman to actresses Gabrielle Union and Taraji Henson. Here, Kiyah gives her top 3 tips to achieving a winning weave like her famous clients: Celeb Hairstylist Kiyah Wright Shows How To […]

Celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright cuts, colors and styles the weaves of Tyra, Iman, Taraji and more. Here are her 3 tips to achieving a winning weave. WATCH!

A recent study of middle aged black women reveals that nearly 30% have sustained permanent scalp and hair damage, possibly due to tight braids and weaves. Black women often maintain these styles for long periods of time, and the stress they exert on the scalp can lead to the development of pus-filled bumps, says the […]

Foxy Brown arrived to court today (August 11) to appear before the grand jury looking not so hot.

To weave or not to weave. That is the question. The level of discussion that surrounds a black woman’s hairstyle (relaxed or natural, short or long) is one that is never-ending. But whatever side of the issue you fall on, one thing is true – you still need to wear a style that you makes you look your absolute […]

Much has been said about Naomi Campbell’s fiery and indignant attitude over the years, but lately, she’s making the headlines because of her balding hairline. What in the hell happened to it?! If only she knew that pushing her hair back off her face would raise so many questions among the weave-wearing public and beyond. Something went horribly wrong here. […]

Kelly Rowland was seen on the red carpet at the Universal Motown Republic Group’s Grammy nominee cocktail party last week. Something is definitely wrong with this picture, can you guess what it is?