Atlantic hurricane season began June 1st. Here are some tips to keep you and your family prepared for severe weather.

Charlotte Heatwave Coming to an End with Showers

Safety Tips to Prepare for Charlotte's Upcoming Heat Wave

If you have any errands to run, you may want to do so today. Meteorologists have issued a severe weather risk for the area starting Wednesday. Showers are expected by the mid to late morning and early afternoon, and thunderstorms during the afternoon and early evening. The thunderstorms may increase to strong or severe, causing […]

Things are starting to heat up in the Queen City! A heatwave is making its way to Charlotte, bringing temperatures well above normal. Meteorologists say the heatwave could finally lower those high heating bills from the past couple of months. Following Monday’s expected high of 80 degrees, daily highs are not expected to drop any […]

As we welcome the month of March, we also welcome longer days. We gain more daylight in March than in any other month! Sunrises get earlier and sunsets get later. Each day this month we gain 2 minutes and a couple seconds of daylight. We will have gained over an hour of daylight by next month. Daylight […]

Before you make those Friday night plans, be sure to check the weather. Charlotte is expected to get another dose of snow this weekend, and it may be more than what was originally predicted. Forecasts predict that rain will begin Friday evening and then change to snow between 7 to 9 p.m. The area could […]

Sadly for snow lovers, Charlotte won’t be seeing as much snow this time around. Recent forecasts predict that the Queen City will be getting less than 2 inches of snow due to the winter storm shifting east. Although this is not much, road conditions may still be dangerous as precipitation freezes. Be sure to drive […]

Just when we thought the snow and ice were finally beginning to melt, there’s more on the way. Thursday is expected to have colder temperatures and possible showers throughout the day. Friday temperatures will drop to the mid-20s, making snow likely. Luckily, this winter storm will be farther east. Either way, it’ll be cold, so bundle […]

Unless your weekend plans involved icy roads, cold temperatures and a little bit of snow, they may look different. A winter storm is expected to sweep through the region this weekend. Meteorologists tracking the storm are predicting light snow to start falling shortly after midnight Saturday night into Sunday. The snow is expected to pick […]

As Hurricane Florence makes her way towards The Carolinas, there are some tips you may need in order to get ready before the storm hits. Here are some tips to consider before the storm: To get ready for a hurricane: Build an emergency kit. Make a family communications plan. Know you’re the routes you need […]

Recent weather reports have stated that Charlotte could see a great impact from Hurricane Irma.  So, don’t wait to the last minute to prepare.  Below are a list of basic disaster supplies you may need. Basic Disaster Supplies: Water – 1 gallon per person per day for 3 to 7 days Non-perishable food for 3 […]