Looks like all the rumors have come to a halt, concerning Angela Simmons and her pregnancy.

Amber Rose kicked off her weekend with some girl power as she hit the road for Coachella. The model went back to her close-cropped platinum…

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are the latest celebs to be penalized by the IRS for not paying their taxes! The IRS filed several tax liens against the Pastry sisters. What they owe: The IRS filed a $26,658 tax lien against Angela Simmons on Dec. 22 in New York. The IRS filed a $22,528 tax lien […]

Add Rev Run daughters Vanessa and Angela Simmons to the growing list of celebrities that owes the IRS. The Pastry founders  allegedly owe the IRS and the state of California close to a half million dollars. Here’s what the sisters owe: The IRS filed a $26,658 tax lien against Angela Simmons on Dec. 22 with […]

Diggy Simmons was spotted with his model girlfriend Jessica. Word on the street, Jessica is a model for Angela and Vanessa’s Pastry sneaker and clothing line and an upcoming singer.  I wonder if her and Diggy will records any songs together. Diggy just released his first official single, “Copy, Paste.” The music video is expected […]

Vanessa Simmons has taken on professional modeling, and in her most recent photo shoot, she channels both “good” and “bad. The editorial session with Creative Director Christopher Mannor was inspired by classic American fashions from the late 80’s and early 90’s during the era of the Supermodel. Vanessa & Angela Simmons Pose In Pastry’s High […]

Vanessa and Angela Simmons are showing off new Pastry shoe styles in their Fall/Winter Lookbook, as well as in the latest issue of Beauty Entertainment Magazine. The sisters have added high heels to their once-solely sneakers line. In the photo above, Vanessa wears the “Candy Pumps” in Purple/Black ($50) and Angela wears the “Honey Knee […]

Angela and Vanessa Simmons went to Vegas for their Pastry Box Of Chocolates Launch Party at City Center.