So far Eddie Murphy has played an African King, a nutty professor, a cop, and a donkey. Now the comedian might take on his most challenging role yet — playing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito‘s triplet brother. According to Deadline, Arnold announced that the script for Triplets — a sequel to the 1988 movie Twins — is finished, […]

Jay Z and Beyonce have finally given us a picture of the twins!  World…. meet Sir and Rumi Carter!!

Congratulations for Jay Z and Beyonce on the birth of their twins.  TMZ has reported that Bey is home resting, while the twins are still in the hospital for “minor issues”.  In the meantime, daddy (Jay Z) is going into over-drive announcing the release of his new album on June 30 entitled, “4:44”.  Congratulations all […]

Congratulations to Zoe Saldana and her husband, Marco Perego.  The couple had their third baby, which was a little boy they named Zen!  We’ve seen Zoe’s quick “snap back” ability after she had her twin boys.  So, I’m sure getting back in shape will be a breeze for her after this baby too!


We can barely tell the difference between little Sire Jackson and his dad, 50 Cent.

With Snapchat on the rise, Instagram is doing its best to keep our interest.

Twins were disappointed to hear they wouldn't be able to obtain their learner's permits because the DMV thought they were one person.

It’s barely been two weeks since Kim Kardashian confirmed to the world that she and husband Kanye West are expecting their second child, but there’s already…

Robin and Andrea McBride are two long-lost sisters who are changing the game of the wine industry. They recently launched Truvée Wines, an affordable luxury…

Remember those Spelman girls? Specifically, twins Kristie and Kirstie Bronner (yep, of the Bronner Bros. hair extravaganzas and company), who were the historic HBCU Spelman…