While driving home the other day from dropping the kids off at school, I threw on my iPod to enjoy a much-needed break from the radio and the 20 questions from the kids. I turned to my “Love Songs” playlist, which is packed with nearly 200 classic love songs from “Adore” by Prince to “Heaven […]

When your partner hurts you, it can be difficult to open up again and bring trust back into your relationship. It’s hard to trust your heart to someone who has proven hurtful. You want to love, and so you throw caution to the wind and open up your heart, hoping you will not get hurt–again. […]

We’ve all most likely been in this scenario: you meet someone new and hit it off right away – they’re funny, nice, and you seem to have found a fast friend. However, since you just met, you feel that you can’t fully trust them yet. You’ve listened to some of their stories and shared quite […]