Kim Kardashian and Brandy are co-starring in Tyler Perry’s new film The Marriage Counselor, and according to Wendy Williams, there’s some bad blood between them. The tension started between the two started when Kim was dating Brandy’s brother Ray J. Apparently, Brandy is still not feeling Kim because of something that happened before Kim’s sex […]

After weeks of fans protesting the casting of Kim Kardashian in The Marriage Counselor, director Tyler Perry defended his actions in an open letter on his website.  It seems Perry believes that Kim K. is a role model to millions of her followers, and casting her in his film would be the ideal way to […]

Kim Kardashian‘s divorce from Kris Humphries isn’t final yet, but reports are surfacing that she’s now flirting with Lance Gross. The two are co-starring in Tyler Perry’s new project The Marriage Counselor, and are currently on location in Atlanta filming. According to MTO, Kim has been flirting with him via text. Kim Kardashian Is In […]

Kim Kardashian‘s marriage may or may not be in trouble, but her acting career has been elevated now that she’ll be co-starring in the new Tyler Perry film The Marriage Counselor. She delivered her good news via Twitter on the night of her 31st birthday (October 21st), and they’ll begin shooting the movie on October […]