Dave Chappelle says R. Kelly and his “goons” ran up on him over his comedy skit mocking the singer’s urination video! Things never got physical, but, Chappelle still remembers R.Kelly feeling real indignant about the skit.  Really? Check this out! -@ChirlGirl

The reactions from Surviving R. Kelly have been massive from Kelly partying despite the controversy to celebrities denouncing him, removing songs they’ve made with him from streaming platforms and more. Now his own daughter Joann Kelly, aka Buku spoke out about her father on Instagram. She made it very clear that she does not have […]

Uh-oh…just when everybody got focused on R Kelly’s alleged sexual of abuse of young girls… The rumours surrounding the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, are back! According to an article in Rolling Stone, there’s a new docuseries entitled, Leaving Neverland, that features two men who say that they were abused by Michael Jackson when they […]

Former, R Kelly protege, Sparkle has released a new song to encourage survivors of sexual abuse. This comes immediately after appearing in the Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R Kelly. Her new song is called “We Are Ready.” In case you missed it, Sparkle says that her 14-year old niece was the girl in the sex tape […]

"I ain’t judging, but I’m just saying that [they] shouldn’t have let it go that far.”

I believe we are all cheering to find out that the singer we all held dear is finally being investigated after the explosive and very open docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly” aired on Lifetime last week. The 6 part series included the beginnings of the Chicago native’s childhood to the current headlines of his “sex cult.” […]

Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” has been the talk over social media since the first episode aired last week.

The effects of the damning documentary, “Surviving R.Kelly” has left the R&B singer scrambling to clear his name. The 51 year old has announced that he will be exposing the accusers on his new website/ Facebook page called, “Surviving Lies.” According to TMZ, the Chicago native vows to call out the “blatant lies” by the […]

  When the Lifetime Movie Network premiered ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ social media went crazy.  The three-part series was shocking and sickening to many despite all the past rumors, allegations, and legal troubles. The two-hour premiere revealed many things about Robert Kelly, here are the top 15 things revealed in the first night of ‘Surviving R. […]