Rihanna has never had the closest relationship with her father, and it looks like things are just heading more downhill for the Fenty family. News broke today that the makeup and music mogul is suing her dad, Ronald Fenty, along with his company called Fenty Entertainment, for exploiting her name for his own gains. According to […]

Recently, in an interview with Ebony Magazine, Matthew Knowles talked about “colorism” in the black community.  He admitted that he believed that his own daughters, Beyonce and Solange, would not have been as successful and played on pop radio if they had darker skin.  What are your thoughts?  Does the complexion of your skin dictate […]

Jay Z dropped his new album, “4:44” and everyone is going crazy over it!  It is his most personal album to date and he spills all of the juice.  Jay talks about his infidelity, the elevator brawl with his sister-in-law Solange, and his beef with Kanye West.  Also, I finally figured out why he titled […]

Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyoncé and Solange, recently spoke at Howard University, dishing on  his esteemed behind-the-scenes career. Knowles also revealed of his present and former artists’ weakness, in which Beyoncé’s named notably popped up. Knowles went on to use his own daughters as examples. In particular, he shared that Queen Bey herself isn’t a […]

Solange Knowles gave a nod to the 90's in her Webby Artist of the Year acceptance speech.

"I was so invested in the visual storytelling, of wanting to see black men and women in the way that I see them every day, which is powerful but graceful but also vulnerable and also regal and stately."

She might be pregnant with twins, but that's not stopping Beyonce from enjoying the fun of New Orleans.

Days later and fans of Beyoncé are still discussing her losing Album of the Year at the 59th annual Grammy Awards, including her sister. Solange Knowles took to her Twitter account to voice her displeasure with her older sister losing AOTY and with the Grammys in general, despite winning her first Grammy during Sunday night’s […]

The Grammy Awards, and pretty much any other “mainstream” (read white dominated) music awards show, tends to give black artists ghettoized accolades--“urban” “R&B” and “hip-hop” awards but never the “pop” awards – “Video of the Year” “Song of the Year,” “Album of the Year,” etc.